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Welcome to the NCSD Nurses’ Page-

Thank you for visiting our health resource page. Now is the time for the Newton County Family to be vigilant. Parents, students, and teachers may click below under the health resources and guidelines tab to find information regarding healthy habits, COVID-19, Influenza, and more! If you have any questions or concerns, please email us.









Newton County School Nurses:

Nurse's Picture

Newton County Elementary School
Sarah Barrett, RN
601-635-2325 or 601-635-2956
Fax:  601-635-4074
[email protected] 



Newton County Middle and High School
Rae Hollingsworth, RN
601-635-2012 or 601-635-3347
Fax:  601-635-4045

[email protected]


Please contact us if there are any updates or changes in your child’s health or if you have any questions.         

Illness Guidelines
Reminder:  All health forms must be resubmitted each school year.
Student Health Forms for Parents and Guardians:
Notices to Parents and Guardians:  
School Action Plans:
Health Resources and Guidelines:
Hygiene Resources and Steps for Preventive Measures
Steps to Prevent Illness
Important Tools for Healthy Living
Covid-19 (Coronavirus)
Steps If You Are Sick Covid-19
Use of Face Masks
Important Information
Common Cold Resources
Lice and Prevention
For resources, please click here.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Middle School Immunization Schedule
Flu Season
For ways to protect your health during Flu Season, click here.
For information concerning the Flu Season, click here
For more information on symptoms and comparisons to the flu, click here.
It is important that all students get a doctor's excuse during a doctor's visit, only a limited number of parental excuses are allowed each semester.